Personal loans:10 errors to keep away from

If you are aiming at getting the best out of your personal loans, then this blog post is for you. We will be covering the basics of how to get loans without any hassle. Some common mistakes people make when they apply for these loans will also be discussed. 

I’ll start off by talking about what a loan is exactly and why it’s important that you take advantage of them. A lot of people don’t fully understand what they’re doing when they apply for a loan, but there are many benefits of taking out one. This is because not only do they provide an opportunity to better yourself financially, but they can help others as well. It’s never too late to invest in yourself, so keep reading if you want to know more!

What is a Persona loan?

This is a type of loan you borrow as an individual. Banks consider your ability to repay based on your documented income or salary. Loans are generally for people that need additional funds because they find their disposable income is just not enough to take care of all their expenses. Taking loans will help you to acquire assets that would have been otherwise difficult to acquire using regular salary incomes.

However, loans are only good if put to proper use. There are a number of reasons why you should consider taking out a loan, but there are also some things to watch out for when applying for one. I will talk about the most common mistakes people make when they apply for loans and how to avoid them in order to get the most out of your loans.

In general, the best way to get the most out of your loans is by planning ahead. This means you should know exactly what you’re going to use the loan for and how long it will take until you pay off the money that you borrowed.

There are several types of loans out there, one of them being a personal loan. I  will be covering that kind specifically and give you some insight on how to get the best deal when applying for one.

The following are the mistakes that people make when applying for loans and should be avoided at all costs.

1.Unnecessary Loans;

Before borrowing, always ensure that it is the only or the best option that you have. Loans come with a commitment of regular repayments and also have a cost. You should consider planning early and saving money so that you can avoid borrowing unnecessarily. The interest you pay for loans far exceeds the interest that you will pay the banks for loans you take.

2.Not having a clear plan;

If borrowing is necessary, then you should ensure that you have a clear plan. Unlike other loans, banks do enforce the use of funds for personal loans. Once the loan is processed in your account, you will be free to use the funds as you wish. This is where problems start. If you don’t have a clear plan, some funds will find other uses. You will not be able to complete your project. The agony of repaying a loan for an incomplete project is something you should always avoid.

3.Not reading the market cycles accurately;

Personal loans are mainly used to acquire properties. As such, it is important that you accurately read the market well to avoid acquiring the property at the wrong time. Luckily, you can get expert advice from Real Estate professionals. During recent years, we experienced prices of real estate correction by dropping as opposed to the previous norm where real estate prices we have known to only appreciate in value.

4.Inefficiency in use of loan funds;

When taking personal loans, you should always try to be as efficient as possible with the use of your money. You’ll want to make sure you avoid project implementation mistakes so that your loan funds are well-spent and not wasted. The idea is to ensure that the project is completed in the shortest time to start generating cash flow or otherwise avoid the possibility of diverting some funds.

5.Not preparing for the unexpected;

Another mistake that some people make is not properly preparing for unexpected events. When you take a personal loan out, you’ll need to prepare for anything that may come your way. You should work closely with financial advisors. They have the resources and tools at their disposal to help you map out a plan if unexpected events were to occur. Although you should repay personal loans from salary, cash flow from investment (if any) always provides that sweet comfort.

6. Taking the wrong type of loans ;

One of the most common mistakes people make when taking out personal loans is not looking at all their options. While you may need to take out a loan for an immediate future goal, the type of loan you take matters. For example, if you need to buy, you should ask for car loan. Car loans have a longer period of repayment. If, on the other hand, you need a small emergency loan, then specify this in the application. Lying to the bank is a bad idea, and it will come back to haunt you later. Always go for right type of loan.

7.Borrowing to finance extravagant lifestyle;

Another common mistake people make when they take out personal loans is borrowing for an extravagant lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that you can never spend money on extravagant things, but it does mean that you should avoid doing so purely because it will make your loan repayments more difficult. You need to consider all your options carefully or else you may find yourself in a scenario where you are over-extending yourself with the expensive of the interest rate.

8.Currency of the Loans;

Although applicable where you are borrowing in currency other than your home country currency. For example, borrowing Dollars when your salary is in Euro’s. This introduces a foreign exchange risk that changes daily, exposing you to the uncertainty of monthly repayment amounts. This should you avoid.

9. Not calculating the cost of borrowing;

When taking out a loan, it’s crucial to remember to calculate the real cost of borrowing. This means that you should take into account all fees and charges associated with it. If you neglect this, you may end up paying far more for your loan than necessary or not accounting for certain costs that were not clearly identified at the beginning of the process. You’ll want to do as much research as possible before making any decisions.

10.Failing to factor in Insurance ;

Another mistake that people make when taking out a loan, is failing to factor in insurance. Life insurance is particularly important when you have people who are reliant on your income for support. Life insurance covers the costs of making sure they can continue living their lives with dignity even after you have passed away. The other type of insurance covers the damage or loss of property acquired through the loan. You don’t want to continue paying a loan for your car that was stolen.


Loans are important, but you should take them when necessary. You need to consider the drawbacks of borrowing money in order to avoid causing yourself pain later on. Avoid taking out loans for consumption because that doesn’t solve your problem- it just makes you fall deeper into debt with no way out insight.

Thank you for reading this post.