Trade Credit Insurance: Valuable Basics and 5 Claimable Events

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Trade Credit Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you against losses due to non-payment of your debtors. It can be a smart choice for companies who need protection from unexpected business risks, such as the sudden bankruptcy of one of their largest clients. This type of insurance can cover any number or type of trade debtors, including accounts receivable, trade receivables, and even long-term loans. It’s important to know what it covers before making a purchase decision to make sure it meets your needs!

What is Trade Insurance?

Simply put, it’s an insurance policy that protects you against losses due to the non-payment of your trade Debtors. This can be a smart choice for companies who need protection from unexpected business risks, such as the sudden bankruptcy of one of their largest clients. The policy can cover any number or type of debtors, including accounts receivable, trade receivables, and even long-term loans.

What are the claimable events?

  1. Delay of payment by buyers
  2. Insolvency of buyers
  3. Bankruptcy or receivership of buyers
  4. Political risks (e.g. war, embargo)
  5. Failure of the buyer to pay as agreed

Why do you need it?

Trade Credit Insurance can be an invaluable resource for almost any business. It is important to have these trade risks. Debtors typically disappear without a trace if they go bankrupt, so the cover provides you with the assurance you need to continue doing business even if your Trade Debtors do not. Trade credit insurance is also important because helps companies access valuable trade finance.

How can you get it?

Insurance companies of Trade Credit Insurance. You can purchase Trade Credit Insurance through an insurance broker Trade Credit Insurance Agency LLC or any other licensed broker. Alternatively, you can visit the websites such as Coface, Euler Hermes, or Chubb to choose a plan that fits you.

Trade Credit Insurance

What is the information required before an insurer underwrites?

Insurance companies typically ask applicants to provide their company’s financial statements, profit and loss statement (P&L), balance sheet (B/S), tax returns, or other records that disclose the applicant’s solvency. They will also ask for information about your buyers and trading history. Based on this information, insurers will either accept your application or decline you due to high risk. Insurance can be written on a periodical basis, with premiums based on the size and risk profile of the company seeking coverage.

Who requires Trade Credit Insurance?

Almost any business is eligible to purchase cover, whether large or small. Trade Credit Insurance is not only for businesses with high-risk debtors but also for those who want to protect their business against unforeseen circumstances. You need this cover if your business has the following attributes;

  1. Sell on credit to buyers. Every credit sale carries a risk that the buyer will not pay.
  2. Some buyers have long trade terms. This means that they will not pay you for the goods or services you have sold to them for a period of time, often 30, 60, or even 90 days.
  3. Buy from suppliers on credit. This is how most businesses operate – buying materials and other necessary items before selling their products and services. When buyers don’t pay in a timely manner, it can put your business in a very challenging situation.
  4. Trade Credit Insurance covers against insolvency and bankruptcy of debtors
  5. Your company has high accounts receivable turnover or is involved with international trade.

How does Trade Credit Insurance work?

When you purchase Trade Credit Insurance, the insurance company will assign a credit limit to your business. This is the maximum amount of money that the insurance company will pay out. The credit limit is usually based on the size and risk profile of your business. Trade Credit Insurance can be purchased in several ways:

– By itself, with no attachment to another insurance policy

– As an endorsement or rider that’s attached to a primary commercial liability policy

Debtors will fall into one of three categories: satisfactory, questionable, and unsatisfactory. We recommend Trade Credit Insurance for all businesses who work with Trade Debtors in the “questionable” or “unsatisfactory” category. This is because when you purchase a policy, the insurance company will review your Trade Debtors and place them into one of the three categories.

– “Satisfactory” Trade Debtors are those who have a good credit rating and don’t miss a payment

– “Questionable” Trade Debtors are those who have not so good credit rating

– “Unsatisfactory” Trade Debtors are those who have a bad credit rating.

The cost and how the premium is calculated

Trade Credit Insurance can be expensive because the insurance company needs to charge high premiums in order to make a profit.Insurance premiums are usually calculated as follows:

– Good credit ratings = low premium

– Not so good credit rating = high premium

-Unsatisfactory credit rating = very high premium or outright rejection

All Insurance policies will come with some exclusions, which means that the insurance company won’t cover certain types of claims. Make sure to read the policy document to pick these exclusions.

Pro and cons

1. A great way to protect your business against debtors that fail to pay their bills and may go bankrupt.

2. Important for businesses with trade Debtors in the “questionable” or “unsatisfactory” category because it ensures that you won’t be left without money if one of them defaults.

3. Trade Credit Insurance is expensive and has lots of exclusions, so you’ll want to make sure that all your debtors are in the “satisfactory” category.

What is the claim process?

If one of your debtors goes bankrupt, you’ll need to file a claim with the insurance company. The insurance company will review your claim. But you will need to do the following before presenting your claim.

– Notify the insurance company as soon as possible

– Get a copy of the Trade Debtor’s bankruptcy filing

– Provide an estimate of how much money the debtor owes you.

-Present documentary evidence


We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. If trade credit insurance is something that interests you, or if your business needs help with any other aspects of marketing and sales, please subscribe for future blog posts. As always, feel free to share our content with anyone who might need it!

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