6 Places to Sell Gift Cards for PayPal Cash Instantly

6 Places to Sell Gift Cards for PayPal Cash Instantly


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Do you have old gift cards you’ll never use? In this article, we’ll check out some places to sell gift cards for PayPal cash instantly.

Gift cards are a common gift and are usually much appreciated. They give you the opportunity to pick out your own gift or to purchase things that you need. Many people choose gift cards because they feel more personal than cash.

However, sometimes the gift card you receive is not a fit for your needs, or you may have old gift cards that you will not be able to use.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to sell these gift cards for cash? Absolutely! Selling gift cards is not only possible, but also rather common. You can give them away or sell them for a slightly reduced value.

Here’s what you need to know about selling gift cards and places you can sell gift cards for PayPal cash instantly.

Is selling Gift Cards a Common Thing?

Selling gift cards for PayPal cash is pretty common. Gift cards are easy to use both in store and online, and many individuals will consider purchasing an old gift card if they can score a deal. This will offer the buyer some savings, and allow you to make some money as well.

Tips to Sell Gift Cards For PayPal Cash

Not that long ago, I cleaned out an old purse and found a few gift cards lurking in a hidden pocket. I had completely forgotten about these these cards and they were several years old. When my husband and I checked the balance on the gift cards, it was almost $150!

The problem was that the gift cards were for retailers in the area where we used to live, before we moved. Now, the nearest stores are over 100+ miles away and we probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to use them.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re worthless! If you have gift cards you can no longer use, it is possible to sell them and get cash instead. Here are a few tips.

1. Check the balances

Before you can sell those gift cards, you need to find out how much they are worth. Call the number on the back of the gift card, or visit the retailer’s website to see if you can check the balance online.

If possible, print out the value of the gift card (or take a screenshot) so that you can prove to potential buyers the amount of money left on the card.

2. Determine the selling price

While you might on occasion be able to sell or trade a gift card for 100% of the value, usually you will need to discount the gift card’s price. Otherwise, there’s no incentive for people to buy it from you instead of directly from the store.

For example, if you have a $50 gift card, you could list the price for $45 or $48. The lower price you charge, the more likely you are to sell. Just make sure you still make a decent return.

To get an idea of current asking prices, check out some of the places to sell gift cards to see what the going rate is for most items.

3. Decide where to sell it

Once you have decided what to charge, then you need to decide where to sell your gift card. In the next section, we’ll go over some places to sell gift cards for PayPal cash instantly.

4. Sell safely

When selling gift cards, be sure to use common sense and be smart about selling your gift cards (or any other items online).

If you’re selling through a platform that does not offer guarantees (such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace), make sure you are paid before turning over the gift card.

If you are selling the gift card digitally, you can accept payment directly with PayPal or Venmo, or sell through an established marketplace. If you are meeting in person, be sure to meet in a public place and have them make cash payment before you hand over the gift card.

If you’re posting a picture of the gift card online, do not give the buyer a picture of the card or the numbers on the card so that they can verify the balance. If they have this info, they can spend the gift card online. Instead, provide proof of the balance, such as a receipt from the retailer or a screenshot of the balance shown online.

Not comfortable selling the gift card itself? If you’re near a store or can order online, then consider using the gift card to purchase things that can be sold for cash.

6 Places To Sell Gift Cards For PayPal Cash Instantly

Here are some of the places to sell gift cards for PayPal cash instantly. 

#1. CardCash

In business since 2009, CardCash has been helping individuals buy and sell gift cards for quite some time.

While the amount you will receive for your gift cards will vary, according to their website, it typically averages about 92% of the card’s value. Payments also arrive quickly, typically arriving within 1-2 days after approval.

Sometimes, you’ll need to mail the physical cards to CardCash. Other times, just providing all the info such as the gift card number and expiration date can be enough to complete the sale.

#2. Raise

Popular and well known, Raise has been a platform to sell gift cards for quite some time. Its large number of customers and extensive news coverage are some of the reasons users love this site.

It’s also very easy to use and navigate. You can simply enter the information on the gift cards you would like to sell. There is no fee to list gift cards. Raise does take a small percentage of the sale, but their rates are posted and clear before you start your transaction.

#3. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

If you prefer to sell your gift cards locally, both Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist can be handy options. Just make sure that you don’t reveal the card numbers until you receive payment, and that you meet in a public place if exchanging physical gift cards.

You can accept payment in whatever form you like — cash, PayPal, Venmo, etc.

#4. GiftCash

GiftCash uses a secure system to help buyers and sellers exchange gift cards. Sellers can exchange their gift cards for cash and buyers can receive a deal on the gift cards that they are looking for.

The amount you’ll receive for your gift card usually averages about 92% of the card’s value. At this time, GiftCash only accepts gift cards from the United States and Canada.

#5. Gameflip

Have gaming related gift cards or in game items you’d like to sell? Gameflip can help you sell gaming related items, including gift cards for XBOX, iTunes, Google Play, and more. You can also sell digital or physical copies of video games, in-game items, skins, and more.

#6. eBay

A popular reselling platform for decades, eBay can be used to sell gift cards as well as other things you don’t need. (Don’t miss these things to sell on eBay for a profit.)

While you may need to sell your gift card at a slightly reduced rate, and pay the small seller fees, eBay can help you get PayPal cash for gift cards that you do not need.

Selling Used Gift Cards

If you have gift cards you will not use, there is no reason to leave this money wasted. It is possible to sell gift cards for PayPal and get cash instantly. Whether you could use some extra money quickly, or just want to make sure those old cards aren’t wasted, selling old gift cards is not only possible, but practical.

Have a suggestion for selling gift cards that was missed here? Leave a comment below!


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