Welcome to Samessanya

My name is Sam Essanya,
For over 3 decades that I have worked in the financial sector, my eyes have been on how small financial actions differentiate people’s outcomes over time. This is applicable to you as a person, small businessman, student, or mum. It is also applicable to big business and industry practitioners. What’s more, as a Fellow of the Kenya Institute of Bankers, I am obliged to spread financial knowledge that is necessary to all.
My mission is to offer a forum where I start the conversation, and then we move together. To be honest, the only thing I know for sure is where this journey begins. Everything starts with you as an individual. That is why we discuss personal finances. We will also discuss business finances, insurance, banking, and the future of money. Another area that we discuss is the value chains of selected industries and commodities. Just choose the seat that fits you whether it is for personal development, research, or fun. I look forward to hearing and learning from you as much as I look forward to you reading our publications.
Lastly and most importantly, everything you read on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes and not financial advice. Furthermore, all views expressed here are my personal views and mine alone. Always choose the right financial advisor for whatever you want to do. Thank you once more for visiting, keep reading and make sure to subscribe.

“Start where you are,

Use what you have,

Do what you can.”

By Arthur Ashe